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UniBots provides a conduit from existing university designs and prototypes around the world into the commercial sector specialising in advanced technologies for the agricultural sector.

The name UniBots is a shortened version of University Robots

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Current projects

Here are some of our current projects

Recent papers


The robot report gives a nice overview of the latest happenings


Bespoke development of robots and controllers as solutions for outdoor automation.
Consultation on design and operation of mobile robots
Application areas

  • Agriculture, horticulture and forestry
  • Parks and large gardens
  • Patrolling and security

Previous projects

As we move from Precision Farming to Phytotechnology, we imply the use of smarter machines or even the development of robotic agriculture. This paper sets out how developed agriculture could change from managing at the field scale, down to sub-field scale (Precision Farming) and eventually care for individual plants according to their needs. Phytotechnology is the word we now use to describe plant scale technology (Phyto comes from the Greek word phuton, or plant)

Development of an autonomous tractor. One of the first projects we started in KVL was to automate various functions of a small tractor so that it could carry out a number of simple tasks by itself.

Development of an autonomous Christmas tree weeder. This project was designed to replace the use of herbicides with mechanical control of the weeds growing underneath and around the young Christmas trees.

Robotic weeding is a classic example of where more intelligently targeted inputs can reduce the chemicals to the point where only micro amounts are needed.

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